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Welcome to The Good Kitchen Table

Welcome to ‘The Good Kitchen Table’ a website designed to help you on your journey to wellness through healthy eating. We are Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi – chefs, restaurateurs, authors and teachers.

Some of you may know this site by its original name of lowcarbtogether.com. We felt the name The Good Kitchen Table would reflect our lifestyle choices in a more welcoming and inclusive way.

Through reversing Giancarlo’s Type 2 diabetes, we have become pioneers of a low-carb lifestyle in which we base our meals on protein from animal, fish and plant sources, healthy fats and slow-release carbohydrates.

Here we share our experience along with resources, recipes, science and suggestions plus a lot more besides.

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The information in this website is only part of how any particular person may decide which diet or indeed lifestyle is best for them. If you are on prescribed medication or suffer from a significant medical condition we strongly advise you to consult your own doctor before making changes. For example improvements in lifestyle and weight loss may also significantly improve your blood pressure or diabetes control requiring a reduction in medication.

The science part of this website is written from the viewpoint of people with type 2 diabetes or those wishing to lose weight. The recipes may also be suitable for people with type 1 diabetes provided of course that you consult your doctor as advised above.