by Katie Caldesi

With our own children and those close enough to me that they might listen (!) their teenage spots appeared to have lessened once I removed sugar from their diets.

We learnt a few years ago that our son Flavio had a reaction to whey. He gave up dairy foods that contained whey which happened to include his beloved milk chocolate. At that time, we all gave up sugary foods and his skin noticeably improved within a fortnight.

Was it the whey or the sugar? Perhaps we will never know but if you are worried about someone’s complexion and you can persuade them to give up sugary foods for two weeks you may well see an improvement in their skin. After that it is up to them but vanity might just get them off the sweets and fizzy drinks which has to be better for them anyway.

I came across this online which seems to back up the theory of low-carb diets and dairy helping with acne.