High Blood Pressure

by Jenny Phillips our LowCarbTogether Nutritionist

There is now a growing group of doctors influenced by the successes of Dr David Unwin, a GP from Stockport near Manchester. Dr Unwin has been using a low carb approach to reverse diabetes, achieving normal blood sugars in one in four of his patients and reducing medications for all of them.

However, the side effects are equally impressive. Low carb results in patients losing weight, becoming happier and having hope that they are, to a large extent, in control of their health destiny. One in four comes off of blood pressure medications and blood markers improve.

Astonishingly, when patients switch from a high carb diet to a low carb diet with generous healthy fats, the fats in their blood (triglycerides) almost halve. As does Gamma GT, a marker which indicates fatty liver. This is because low carb eaters learn to become a fat burner, not a fat storer.

See more about low-carb and reduction of blood pressure in this video with Dr David Unwin.