What About Similar Diets?

There are other diets that are similar to a low-carb or keto diet. Here are a few similarities and differences between them. Most diets work on restricting calories; its where the calories are from and how they affect your body that matters. Many of our recipes are suitable for the following diets.

What is paleo?

Also known as the “caveman” diet paleo is based on the Palaeolithic hunter-gatherer way of eating. They encourage eating anything our ancestors would have eaten in that period. Paleo excludes sugar, grains, legumes, most dairy, refined vegetable oils and salt. It focuses on foods that are high in protein and fibre.

The Mediterranean diet

This describes the diet of people living in those countries around the Mediterranean. It consistently appears as a healthy way to eat in diet comparison trials. Researchers have noted the longevity of the people eating a Mediterranean diet. Vegetables, seafood, fruit, nuts, seeds, herbs, legumes, whole grains and extra-virgin olive oil are widely eaten in a huge variety of cooking styles. Moderate amounts of dairy, eggs and red wine are included. Poultry and red meat are eaten but not highlighted as they are in the modern western diet of today.

I believe if you look at the diet of the people in the Mediterranean now it has worsened in cities and towns. If you want to look at the better side of the Mediterranean diet you need to look back to pre-1960’s when sugar, processed foods and desserts were a rarity and people were more physically active.

What is Atkins?

The Atkins diet was invented by Dr Robert C.Atkins; his best-selling book was published in 1972. It promoted a diet low in carbs and high in fat which many people believed unhealthy. The main difference with Atkins versus low-carb is that you start on under 20g carbs a day to kick-start weight loss. Over time you add in carbs in fruit, vegetables, nuts until you find your level without gaining weight.

What is the South Beach Diet?

This diet encourages the consumption of non-starchy vegetables, lean protein and small quantities of healthy fat and legumes. Similar to the Atkins diet you pass through strict to less strict phases to lose weight and find a maintenance way of eating that keeps your weight stable.

What is carb cycling?

This is generally a diet where some days are low-carb and high fat, others are moderate carb and some are high-carb and low-fat days. Protein intake is stable. It is often combined with physical activity on the carb-heavy days. Many people find it useful if your weight-loss stalls and you are physically active.

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