by Jenny Phillips our LowCarbTogether Nutritionist

Jenny wrote the science for our books about reversing your type 2 diabetes. She is a nutritionist.

“My route into low carb eating wasn’t due to diabetes. My health crisis came at the age of just 39 when, as a mum to two young children, I had the devastating diagnosis of breast cancer.

Up until that point, I would have told you that I was both healthy and that I had a good diet. In reality I was taking a number of medications, thinking at the time that this was completely normal. I rigidly followed healthy eating guidelines such as high starch, low fat, low salt.

My diagnosis changed everything. I was fortunate in that the medical treatment was successful, but I also wanted to learn more about how I could prevent a recurrence. With a first degree in chemistry I was at an advantage to explore the science surrounding health and nutrition and became engrossed in a fascinating world of how to create health in a human. I went on to study Nutritional Medicine and also qualify as a yoga teacher.

My studies opened up a new world and I was fast to make changes to my diet. Out went the ‘not-so-healthy’ eating guidelines and I was instead guided by a focus on real foods and ingredients. It became very apparent to me that sugar, processed and refined carbs were not helping, and as these came out of my diet my health soared to new levels. In a short space of time I no longer needed meds to manage asthma, hayfever and indigestion. Headaches and period pains resolved as if by magic. I lost weight naturally, my sleep improved and my energy levels improved dramatically.

The other reason that my new low carb diet was so compelling is that I learnt that sugar feeds cancer cells. There is much more detail in my book, Eat to Outsmart Cancer, but suffice to say cancer cells make energy by the fermentation of sugar. This process in known as glycolysis and should made known to all concerned with recovering from, or preventing, cancer”.